Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know more before you book? You want to get a better idea of what is involved with booking a packing, removal or courier service?

We always want to help make your experience less stressful. We also want you to have a sense of control and ownership on your project. We have complied a list of commonly asked questions by clients, customers and enquiries for our services below to assist you. These FAQ’s cover the general things that float through the minds of people on the move or in need of transportation or storage solutions.
Please Note: We update this page regularly especially if there is a pattern or change in the communication from the greater good.

Question: How long will it take to move my apartment, house etc.?

Our data is supported by the jobs we have completed in the areas we get the enquiries from. When we supply a time-frame it has accounted for Coogee/Bondi no lift, 3rd floor moving or new Zetland/Waterloo apartments build with resident in mind and similar variable. We ask the key questions that determine your variables at your pick-up and drop-off location.
If you live in a 1 bedroom apartment and you live a clutter-free lifestyle then you are looking at the lower time-frame or 2 – 4 hours, but if you add on 3rd floor on pick-up, 3rd floor on drop-off, bad access and a personality that likes to collect, you have to be realistic that your move might surpass the 4 hour mark.
Keep these parameters in mind and a good removal company will ask you the following questions to give you an appropriate time-frame, therefore costing/price average:

A. Floor/What level/How many stairs/Access to a lift?
B. Any items build within the apartment? Do you need items dismantled/assembled as part of the move?
C. Any over-sized or very heavy items?
D. Storage – is there additional storage in the apartment (some older apartment had great storage that would equate to another room’s worth of items), do you have a garage or storage cage with your apartment?
E. Do you need packing material like boxes, tapes, packing paper? Try not to have items in plastic bags as this will slow your move down and you have no protection during transport.
F. Any move-in/move-out process to follow from your management company? You do not want to have to pay ‘waiting time’ so coordinate and communication any rules.

2 bedrooms apartment change range from 4 – 8 hours and this is dependent on the above (A – F) and also if 2 men or 3 men are needed for the move. We will advise you on manpower for the move when we ask those key questions.

3 bedroom apartment/townhouses range from 6 – 10 hours and we recommend over 3 men and 2 x 4.5 tonne trucks for these moves. We always conduct a free, on-site, no obligation inspection for property over the 2 bedroom mark as these properties have a uniqueness that needs to be accounted for when costing out the project

All commercial/business moved and houses over 2 bedrooms require an on-site, no obligation inspection to get a gauge of what is involved as these moves are widely varied on requirements. You can book directly with us by going to the Booking Page and selecting > Preparation > On-site, free, no obligation inspection

Question: Can I get a fixed or firm quote?

The answer is YES if the specifics are laid out with limited variables, an inspection takes place and there is an agreement on the work to be carried out. With interstate or greater NSW moves we do ensure to fix the travel time at a lower rate so our clients are very much aware on the overall cost of the move or logistics and any adjustment in billing is at the loading and unloading only.

Question: Do you supply packing material, boxes and labels?

YES, we have a full range of all the requirements to complete your packing for you or to supply to you for your own personal packing. We hire our boxes for cheaper costs, sustainability and convenience of the customer. We deliver boxes, tapes, packing paper, bubble wrap etc. to your door free of charge when you use our services for packing or moving. We will also collect all hired boxes free of charge when you have completed the unpacking. For details of our supplies please see our SHOP page or email us with your moving needs and we can give you an approximation on the boxes and packing material needed.

Question: What is the earliest I can start?

Our normal hours are from 8am – 6pm from Monday to Saturday. We can have an earlier start by request and we will also work on a Sunday and after-hours as required, but this will come with an additional cost if services are needed after 6pm, on a Sunday or Public Holiday.

Question: I have an afternoon booking and I was given a timeframe – why can I not get an exact time now?

When you seek a later booking we have usually placed you after a slot that has been fill by a morning booking of 8am. The teams need to assess the first booking before they can truly predict their completion time. We give an estimation of arrival for an afternoon booking and update our clients once the team assigned have arrived at the drop-off address of the morning booking as they can predict completion more precisely now once the drop-off access has been evaluated.

Question: How do I pay for the services?

We require payment for service on completion and you can pay by transfer, cash, Square tap (1.7% surcharge), Square/Credit Card online (2.2% surcharge online). To reduce any additional bank/merchant charges we recommend cash or transfer on the day. Our payment terms are payment on completion of services for all domestic and commercial client unless previously agreed otherwise with the office.

Question: How will I know my items are protected?

All our trucks are fully equipped with furniture pads/blankets, we have mattress covers, shrink wrap and packing material on the truck. Our Teams are trained and the trucks are equipped with tools for dismantling and assembling and if you need additional insurance outside of our own coverage please see our insurance partner for more information.

Question: I need to cancel my move as my new place didn’t work out, I didn’t get keys in time etc.

We ask for at least 24 hours notice on all cancellation or rescheduling as we have planned our teams and logistics in advance. We will work with you to try and ensure your project is complete for a reschedule and we will keep your details for future bookings if you need to cancel. We will oblige on request if you can oblige with enough notice. You are happy, we are happy.

Question: Can I, or my mates help on the day?

Yes, the is always a place for additional hands, but you need to let the supervisor instruct you or your mates on how you can assist. You are not allowed on the truck or to pack the truck, but you can bring items from your property to a safe location for loading. We are professionals and our experience needs to be respected so please ensure to work with us if you want to help.

Question: I am moving into a bedroom that is furnished, but I have personal items like clothes and soft furnishings – can you still help me?

Yes, we have a 1 tonne van which is ideal for these smaller, courier like services and we would assign one man to help load and unload. We would still recommend using boxes and not bags. We would ask you to please let us know how prepared you are before we arrive and we can always bring some boxes and put them together for you on arrival so you can pack before moving.

Question: Do your trucks have tail-gates or lift-backs?

Yes, all our trucks are equipped with tailgates to make your move easier, especially with the larger and heavier items.

Question: Do you move pianos?

Yes, there are some pianos we will move as long as we have seen the piano and the access on both address. If it is not within our capacity (too many stairs, or too heavy or expensive) we will recommend a company dedicated to this service.