Top tips when moving house, apartment and personal items

Whether you have done it before or not, moving house or just your personal items can make you feel a little anxious. A simple thing like taking the time to remind yourself of tips and tricks for the regular mover, or as a first timer just feeling assured you are prepared with a checklist can take an away a degree of stress. We all have enough daily things to be anxious about that moving and packing does not need to be one of those if you are prepared.

As experienced packers, movers and ‘counselors’ for clients who need to pack and move, we feel our advice needs to be shared. Sharing is caring and we have listed some of the top tips for moving house, apartment, storage of personal items in garages or storage facilities, so you can rest assured you are ready for the big packing/moving day.

  1. Acknowledge – Acknowledge that if your are moving from a house or apartment you own stuff – lots of stuff! We get the feedback from clients all the time that “I never realised I had so much stuff”. Yes, it all has a place now neatly tucked away in cupboards, shelves, under beds etc., but think about all of those items being packed, boxes and then moved. Do you really want it all to come with you?
  2. Declutter – This is not just the secret hiding place that all the “I am too busy to think about” items are placed, but generally have you got clothes unworn, gadgets unused, furniture that no longer represents you, or may not be suitable for your new place, you might be thinking of a fresh start in your new home and there is no better time to donate, sell and minimise.
  3. Pack – You will need material to pack, including boxes, box cutters, packing paper, bubble, labels, pens, tape and a tape dispenser. Talk to use about getting these materials delivered for free when you book with us. We hire quality boxes at a great price and collect them after unpacking to ensure you do not have this task. View all our items on our shop in Facebook or through the website.
  4. Removalist – Book a reputable removals company like Black Stallion Removalist – see our reviews on Google and Facebook. Ensure pricing is clear and you have been detailed in what you think is going or staying. If you de-clutter following a quote ensure to inform the removals company as your time-frame and quote may change. Get a flexible removals company who will advise and guide you on preparation if it is your first time to move – get a free, on-site inspection to get a real insight on what will be involved. Download our free LAST MINUTE CHECKLIST for your fridge before the move.
  5. Labels – What is going where? It is best practice to look at your space now room by room and plan ahead by comparing your new space. Even if you are moving into storage you will want your boxes to have a labels detailing where they came from so when they are moved later it is easier to locate items and put them in allocated rooms. Download our free printable labels BELOW to make it a little easier. Purchase your shipping labels from Officeworks here or ask us to print them for you before we deliver your packing material and boxes.
  6. Packing Strategies – what will you need between now and the move? The items you use daily will not be packed until the final days, but what season are you in – can you pack all winter blankets, clothes etc? You have multiple sets of sheets/bedding and can you dwindle it down to two and pack the rest now? Got a large selection of towels or clothes – time to be picky and frugal and leave yourself the bare essentials so you can prepare earlier and pack bit by bit. It will make you feel less anxious as the day approaches.
  7. Notification of New Address – Change of address services – mail redirection or notification to your phone company, bank, delivery company etc. I personally prefer to avail of mail redirection and notification of change of address as a back-up to contacting companies as it does not always get your mail where it is meant to be.
  8. Reassurance – avail of other people’s experience and ask friends or family about what they did, what they learnt, what they would do and would not do again and remember a wise person learns from other people’s mistakes – read our frequency asked questions <link> as you might have a burning question or not considered something that has been asked by someone else.